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Of course it was with donnie!!

Of course it was with donnie!!

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Man of my dreams!

Man of my dreams!

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Road to 20th Anniversary | 1993-2013

part 1 | through the years

We just have a chemistry… a bond that will always be

Love them so much!!

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Checking in!

Hello dearys!
I was just in to see how everyone is doing!

Well Ladies?


How’s it going? Haven’t heard from any of you lately, at least in regards to our focuses. Hope y’all are doing well.

Hey :-) things are going good! Started this new prosperity thing with mom and just finished day 5 of 30! Now I WILL make it thru! I can’t remember what I said I wanted to do other then workout which has gotten nowhere. But I still adjusting to the new job. Hope you are all well!